Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Trying to do SEO yourself is a foolish thing to do. It takes a lot of time and effort, as well as in-depth knowledge of the algorithms that drive the search engines. A professional marketing company studies the patterns that are causing ranking shifts in real time, and executes a strategy that takes the ongoing changes into effect, and bobs and weaves ongoing. There is no fixed process that defines SEO that works, every program is different based on the current needs of the client, as well as their individual competitive market. One SEO program may only need some inbound linking, while another may need an entire redesign and rebuild of the website. Some programs must focus heavily on "local seo" while others can expand to the more generic global search phrases. All in all, seo is a process of continual adaptation to the landscape, and only the best companies can navigate the waters effectively.

Choosing an internet marketing company is very hard as there are almost no good ways to make the choice. There are no real governing bodies that provide certifications about who is a decent company and who is a rip off artist. Focus Internet Services has a really good article on choosing an seo company on their website. You can use it as a guideline for making an accurate choice when you really have nothing but the word of the company to go on. How do you know that the work they did is actually what built the rankings up for that company on the major search engines? How do you know that the company did anything at all? There are no credits that can mark the places when rankings increased and the company can take credit for it. How do you even know that the seo firm you are talking to worked with the major companies they claim?

SEO companies all claim that they are the best at what they do. Because achieving rankings on a search engine is manipulating the onsite and offsite elements that dictate the positionings in the results, how do you know if a company is actually doing as good a job as they could do? If they have achieved a number one rank for a company, how do you know it is a word that even means anything as far as traffic goes. A good search company should be concerned with more than just rankings. They should also be concerned about the conversions that happen on the site, and anything that can make the client more money. This is the kind of company that Focus Internet Services is, one that does not just concentrate on the sheer rankings of the website, but also how well the website performs at the task of making the client money.

There is a great article on Focus Internet Services website about choosing an seo company and making sure they have your best interest in mind. When you are looking over the work that a search engine optimization firm claims to have done, all the links they have built and all the content they created...if you can't find a credit on the work anywhere then ask to see the client list and ask for contact names. Calling the contacts to ask if this company really did a good job on the seo is probably the best way to make an informed decision, because half the time the work in the portfolio doesn't even belong to the company. There are cases out there of companies being fired for doing a terrible job, only to have the company in their portfolio and claiming responsibility for work that they didn't do correctly. Other companies had to clean up the mess and they are still claiming they did it!

When you own a business and begin marketing for the first time, you are probably going to hear a lot of chatter about online marketing being the most effective form in today's day and age. For the cost, this is usually pretty true. However a seo company is not always the way to go with regards to online marketing. Yes they may get you higher rankings for keywords that make sense to your business, but if they are not able to offer a suite of services that can assist your business in converting the new traffic into sales then maybe you need a better company. Focus Internet Services is a fully integrated and multi-discipline company specialized in using online mediums to make companies money. If pure seo is not what you need, then they can assist you in creating the tools necessary and executing the strategy that will make sense for your profitability.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in business in this day and age is to trust your seo company. Focus Internet Services' entire client list is made of of clients who trusted companies for years, believing that they had the best programs, only to find out after working with us that they were getting minimal rankings and almost no attention to their programs. Especially in Las Vegas, the SEO companies are a joke. The majority of them simply purchase site-wide blog links on obviously paid sections of blogs, immediately creating a flood of links into the site that are all the same, and have no real matched content to speak of. These companies should be shut down because they are terrible at their craft, yet so many companies never question them and thus never get a better program. Call Focus Internet Services at 702-767-6437 and we will analyze your current program. Almost always there are improvements that can be made.

The typical seo company is made up of a few people who have a basic understanding of how the internet works with regards to search engines, and the placement of websites in the results for targeted searches. These types of companies are specialized, and very well might do a good job at getting your website to climb up in the ranks for certain terms by using techniques to change the way search engines view the site. However, if the people in charge of the campaign do not understand the way business works, and how the rankings on search engines convert into sales for businesses, then they are doomed to fail becuse they are not assisting their customers to build the business. Instead, they focus only on the rankings, and ignore how these are used in the overall scheme of business. Who cares if you are number one on Google if nobody buys anything on the website. Call Focus Internet Services and get your business moving.